Helping to bridge the justice gap


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Helping to bridge the justice gap

"I need a lawyer, but I can't afford one."

It happens every day in Arizona: People need legal services, but attorneys cost too much. Some programs exist to help people who can't afford attorneys, but a lot of people end up stuck in the "justice gap" - they make too much money to qualify for free services, but don't make enough to pay for-profit firm prices. Enter AZ 3D Law.

AZ 3D Law is an Arizona nonprofit corporation with a charitable mission: we provide discounted legal services to people in the "justice gap." If your household income falls between 125% and 375% of the federal poverty level, our firm is designed to help you. We provide legal services to people dealing with death, divorce, and debt: the three Ds.




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What are the three Ds?


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A well-written estate plan can help you prepare for death. An estate plan might include a Will, Powers of Attorney, a Living Will, and a Trust. Estate plans aren't just for rich people - everyone eventually passes away, and being prepared for that can make things easier on your loved ones. We can help you with that!

If you pass away without an estate plan, your loved ones might need to go through the Probate process. This might be a Formal Probate, an Informal Probate, or maybe even a Small Estate that can be handled by Affidavit. We can help you with that too!


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Getting married is easy, but divorce is hard. There is a lot to do: dividing property (and debts), figuring out spousal support and child support, deciding on parenting time and legal decision making (custody). It is enough that you have to deal with the emotional impact of divorce - let us help you with the legal side of it!

Even if you aren't married, you might have family law issues. You might need to establish paternity, child support, parenting time, and/or legal decision making (custody). You might not even have a dispute - maybe you want a pre or post nuptial agreement. We can help you with that too!


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Nobody wants to get into debt, but sometimes we don't have a choice. Medical bills, judgments, job loss, and other unfortunate circumstances cause honest, hardworking people to have trouble paying their bills despite their best intentions. If you are one of those people, and you need a fresh start, bankruptcy may be right for you. We can help you with that!


Our society has major unmet legal needs that adversely affect low and middle income families. It’s a situation that threatens the well-being of our democracy.
— Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye