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How it works

So you are a nonprofit corporation - will you help me for free?

That would be amazing - but unfortunately, no, we can't help you for free. A nonprofit corporation can run a number of different ways. AZ 3D Law is designed to run by collecting severely discounted fees for the services it provides. We also take donations, but the majority of the funds that keep us going come from people paying what they can actually afford for legal help. We decided to operate that way because it reduces our administrative burden, and also because it allows us to do things "our way" (in other words, we aren't taking money that comes with "strings attached").

If you are looking for free services because you know you can't afford to pay anything at all, you are looking for "pro bono" services and there are a few organizations in Arizona that provide them. Most of those organizations only help people with incomes below 125% of the federal poverty level; ff you make more money than that, you may not qualify for those services.

Okay, so what is this going to cost?

We use your household size (the number of people that live in your household, including you) and your annual household income (the total amount of money the people in your household earn) to determine whether or not we can help you in the first place. When you come in to meet with us the first time, you will be asked to bring your most recent tax return and your two most recent paycheck stubs (or other proof of income) so we can verify that you are eligible for our help. The chart below will show you whether or not you are eligible, and how much we would charge you per hour if your case is the kind we have to handle on an hourly billing basis.

The top row of the chart tells you what percentage of the federal poverty level your household income falls into. The column on the far left of the chart is your household size. Finally, the bottom row of the chart is the amount we will charge you per hour (if your case is the kind we handle on an hourly basis). For example, if you had a household with 4 people in it, and your annual household income was $35,000, we would charge you $85 per hour.

Please be aware that this is just the cost for our time. There may be other costs involved - for example, you might have to pay a fee to file paperwork with the court. We discuss those fees when we meet with you, and do our best to make sure you understand the costs you can expect to incur. We know how important it is to budget, and we don't want to give you any unpleasant surprises.

If you decide to hire us for an hourly matter, you will have to put down the first ten hours worth of money upfront. So, going with the example above, that person with the 4-person household and annual income of $35,000 would need to put down $850 to hire us. We bill against the money you put down as we do work for you (when the money runs out, you will have to chip in some more money if there is still more work to do).

There are some legal services we charge a flat fee for instead of billing you by the hour. As long as your household size and annual household income puts you anywhere on the chart (above), you will qualify to pay our flat fee amount for those services.

What flat fee services are available?

We offer the following flat fee services:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: For $500 we put together and file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, and represent you until your case closes. This does not include the filing fee, credit counseling/financial management fees, or representation in adversary proceedings.
  • Estate planning: For $150 we put together a Will, General Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Living Will. If you are married and we can represent both spouses, we will prepare two Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills for $250. For $750 we put together a Trust (usually a basic Revocable Living Trust unless your circumstances suggest something else would work better).
  • Succession by affidavit: For $150 we will put together a Small Estate Affidavit for Personal Property. For $300 we will put together a Small Estate Affidavit for Real Property. This does not include any relevant filing fees or recording fees (required for real property affidavits, but not for personal property affidavits).

Anything not listed above will be billed on an hourly rate.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, all four major credit cards, checks, money orders, and cashier's checks for nearly all of our services. The only exception to this rule are payments for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases. If you are filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case we will only accept cash, money orders, or cashier's checks as payment.

I think I understand, but I'm still not sure!

That is okay! Call us - we are happy to explain to you how our fees work.